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Accepted Papers

WIPS 2018

Privacy-Protective Behaviors in the Face of Vulnerabilities

Author: Shruti Sannon (Cornell University)

The User Privacy of Adaptive Assistive Technologies

Authors: Foad Hamidi, Kellie Poneres, Aaron Massey, Amy Hurst (University of Maryland Baltimore Country)

Exploring a Speculative Design Approach in Inclusive Privacy and Security

Author: Yaxing Yao (Syracuse University)

Decentralised Social Media: Protecting Privacy of Vulnerable Communities – Design Fiction

Authors: Dorota Filipczuk, m.c. schraefel (University of Southampton)

Designing Digital Literacy and Security Trainings for Latinx Immigrants in the United States

Authors: Sylvia Simioni, Allan Martell, Allison McDonald, Abraham Mhaidli, Tamy Guberek, Kentaro Toyama, and Florian Schaub (University of Michigan)

Privacy for Security Monitoring Systems

Authors: Kambiz Ghazinour, Emil Shirima (Kent State University)

A Privacy-Aware Wearable Framework

Authors: Muhammad Mohzary, Kambiz Ghazinour (Kent State University)

Parental Perspectives on Children’s Privacy in Social Media: Initial Survey Results

Authors: Paweena Manotipya, Kambiz Ghazinour, Marianne Martens (Kent State University)

Modularity is the Key: A New Approach to Social Media Privacy Policies

Authors: Jayati Dev, Sanchari Das, Kaushik Srinivasan (Indiana University)